If you are reading this now you are probably wondering why this site looks different, or it’s fucked up. Well, I’m in the process of rebuilding it on a new server, converting the old structure from Moveable Type to WordPress.
Anyway, I am aware that things are broken, look retarded…….but, it will be better soon! So, hang tight! I’m working on it!

Edit – Still working on it, but it’s coming along! Not bad for about 3 hours of work, huh? Well, that’s the time it took to make the site look this way. I would say I’ve spent about 8 hours total getting the site off the old Rudius Media server. Man, I’m glad I’m off there, too. I’ve been wanting the site to look like this for YEARS, but since the main guy that built the old site quit Rudius over a year ago there hasn’t been much going on. Well, that’s all over now, kiddies! More new goodness to come!

I’m so excited that I can feel my heartbeat in the tip of my cock.

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