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I recently tried to create stores on both and to sell my Andy Warhol-inspired piece of artwork called Bonaner. Well, it seems the folks at cafepress found the image too sexual. Here’s what they wrote:
Thank you for contacting! We apologize but depiction of genitalia of any kind is not accepted on our site.
I informed them in another email that there were other stores selling items more explicit and sexual in nature than my silly little dick banana. Here’s a link to one of the stores in question.
After a few feeble responses from I decided to try my luck with Within two hours of uploading the image, I received a notice from them saying:
Thank you for your interest in, and thank you for publishing products on Zazzle. Unfortunately, it appears that your product,”BONANER” is in violation of Zazzle’s Copyright policies. Specifically, your product contains a copyright protected image of Andy Warhol. We will be removing this product from the Zazzle galleries shortly.
I’ve decided that both companies can suck my banana, and I’m taking my cock fruit to, located in Tarzana, California. I will have silkscreened shirts by next week available for sale at World of Wonder’s Storefront Gallery, along with some limited-edition prints.
– Gay Bigfoot

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  1. jason Says:

    did you ever print up shirts??

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