This is a clip from the television show Trading Spouses, where two family’s swap spouses for a few weeks. This is a perfect example of how stupid religious people can be. She’s such a dumb fucking bitch, you have to see this to believe it:

As an added bonus, here’s a clip from the movie Jesus Camp. If you are wondering if this is real, the answer is yes. Can you say BRAINWASHED?

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  1. Wayland Says:

    Man, I’m a Christian but that woman is out of her gourd. I was raised in a Baptist Church so you might not even expect me to disagree with that woman but she’s freaking crazy dude. I’m glad you posted that.

  2. Humble Catholic Says:

    HOLY CRAP literally if that knucklefuck went to my catholic church she would be turned away for hatred of others she just randomly dumped on buddhists she sounded like the catholic church was a last resort bet she calls us papists like some F’ ed up kkk member you just know that somewhere when this lady freaked out jesus just held his head in his hands and said: wow she missed the whole point of love thy neighbor.

  3. Tyr Says:

    I’d love to see the full episode of that one. But I agree with the previous comments: that is one psychopathic, obese nutcase.
    If she really was an enlightened, christian spiritual warrior she would have remembered those bible lessons on tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion. Making those girls cry on national television was disgusting and really immature of her.
    I’ll also have to say that the end music starting to play as she kept ranting was hilariously upbeat for the situation. :P

  4. Captain Irony Says:

    Upon further review, Fat bitch decided she was in fact a hypocrite.

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